Most Powerfull Dolphin Shaped Energy King Massager. 1
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Engineered body design & streamlined handle allow the user to easily knead any part of the body.
Sector wing shape helps the user to conveniently apply extra pressure when needed.
Dual-speed controls provide a choice of light or strong massage.
Relieve muscle ache, banish fatigue, and renew the body effectively.
Relax tight muscles & ease.

Like a professional massage master, this powerful massager penetrates into your
deep muscle layers, increases your blood circulation & oxygenation.

Consequently, vibrates away muscle knots, & releases sustained toxins. You will feel the immediate relief after only a short time treatment.

Consistent & acute massage treatment has been proved to be an effective way
1. Eliminate the fatigue caused by fierce sports & relax the muscle.
2. Eliminate the pains caused by unsmooth circulation.
3. Eliminate the convulsion in the shoulder caused by stiff neck when sleeping.
4. Eliminate the pains caused by fatigue or rheumatism.
5. The spherical masseur head is convenient for various parts of the body.
6. Heat treatment by the long-distance infrared rays

Technical Features :

- Voltage: Alternating200-240V
- Frequency:50-60HZ
- Vibration Frequencey: (High) 3200rote/min. (Low)2600rote/min.
- Power:28W


1 - The color and design may varry, as the available one will be sent.
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