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  • Pranab: " I am grateful to you for having delivered the SONY T 200 camera. It was a surprise it was delivered so fast.I am amazed at the way your team works.Many thanks for it! Looking forward for more interaction in future and more online shopping."

  • Swetha Ramachandran: "Thanks. I really liked your service. It will be great if you can include more stores for groceries in your list. "


  • Rakesh Menon: "Hai I liked the Drag and drop shopping option of your site. The delivery is also pretty quick. Keep up the good work..."

  • Jigar mehta: "I had my first order from storrz delivered to my doorstep today. I would say, you guys rock! But one suggestion, add number of categories.. Like, branded shirts, shoes and like that.. I would like to buy those items online and get them delivered to my house."

  • Vijayalakshmi Bhaskaran: "Good Service. Please keep it up. "

  • Joseph: Please start online grocery section for Delhi! There is a big market for people outside India who'd like to buy daily necessities for their parents in India.

  • Usha Boppana: I was glad I found an online store but surprised as the delivery is available only in Bangalore. Please let me know if you can deliver the non-perishables in Chennai so I can order on a regular basis for my son in hostel in Chennai. Thanking you storrz.com.

  • Ravindra: Hello storrz.com: This site is amazing. I am just wondering if you have any products in your catalogue that includes "Bathing Soaps, Detergent Cakes, Tooth Brushes, Tooth Paste, Oils (Sunflower, Suffola or Gingelly), Washing Powders" and

  • Sastry: Thank you storrz for deliver grociery to my parents and please start delivery in USA.

  • M.A. JAGADEESAN: Dear Storrz thanks for fast delivery, I need either MTR or VEETEE 'READY TO EAT' VEGETABLE CURRIES/RICE/DHAL etc., so please make it availablems. Thanks and regards M.A. JAGADEESAN MADURAI-625002.

  • Gina: dint know shopping would be this made easy..home and office has turned into a mall

  • Mohit jain: hey guys, u r service is pretty good. I have a request, can u please include MANGOES in the NAMDHARI's list. Its mango season rite!!